Strategically located along the river Vecht and close to Amsterdam, Weesp is a vibrant town with a rich industrial history. Beer brewers, gin distilleries and the textile industry among others. Weesp also played a role in the defense of Amsterdam. The military structures such as forts and bastions that are part of the Defense Line of Amsterdam. Our own building is also part of this long history and we are proud of that. Our hotel is located in part of a former orphanage that has been on the Grote Plein in Weesp for almost 400 years. Large parts of the building are still in the original state. This is reflected in the structure and the facade of the building.  

The civilian orphanage occupied the entire block with the current house numbers 1, 3 and 5. The front part of the building was built around 1660. The second part around 1870, but parts are older. The back room downstairs was built around 1880. The civilian orphanage remained at numbers 1 and 3. Number 5 was sublet. It contained the very luxurious Herberg Het Hof van Holland, in which the Aldermen's of the Court of Weesp also had their own room. In this so-called hostage room people were locked up who did not want to pay a fine.


The building at number 5 soon became a residence for various prominent citizens of Weesp, including the Van Houten family who owned the famous cacao factory in Weesp and Mr. F.A.J. Storms, the director of the milk factory Neerlandia.


Banker Ferdinand Nicolaas van der Muelen and W.A. van Dockum ran a cashier's office on Grote Plein 5 in Weesp. The families van Dockum and van der Muelen transferred their company to the Amsterdamsche Bank. This merger constituted the AMRO Bank and later became the ABN-AMRO Bank. There was a bank in the building for at least 80 years.


After a thorough renovation, Café Restaurant De Eendracht opened its doors in Weesp in 2018, also known as the cosiest living room in Weesp. Visitors can enjoy a cup of coffee, breakfast, lunch, drinks or dinner.

After the opening of De Eendracht on the ground floor, the 1st and 2nd floors were thoroughly renovated, so Boutique Hotel Weesp could open its doors in the fall of 2022. We are proud of the result. With respect for the authentic details, by using specially selected colors and materials and by choosing our special vintage furniture, old times are rediscovered in our hotel. Combined with the luxury of our own time.


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